Pearl River and Lamar Counties are great places to live, work and play.  Unfortunately, all too often our friends, family and neighbors are forced to relocate from one generation to the next to pursue careers or gainful employment not available in our area.   As your Representative I will pursue local economic growth for Pearl River and Lamar Counties by supporting policies that encourage small business ownership and work to bring commercial and industrial development to the I-59 Corridor from Lumberton to Picayune. 

Economy & Jobs

Education is the cornerstone of having success in today's society.  Whether it be in the classroom or through technical training, we must provide a quality education system at all levels to  create a competitive work force that encourages businesses to locate in Mississippi.

The right to bear Arms must be vigorously defended.  Whether you are a hunter, recreational shooter or someone concerned with personal safety,  every law abiding citizen should have the right to keep and bear arms.
Second Amendment
Protection of Life,  Child Welfare,  Substance Abuse & Mental Health
As a Christian and a father, I will fearlessly fight to preserve traditional family values and to protect the rights of children, both the born and the unborn.  There are also many serious issues facing families today, including child welfare, substance abuse and mental health which must be addressed to keep families intact. 
Promote policies that are fiscally responsible that keep our budget balanced and taxes low.   We must be good stewards of taxpayers' money to ensure that our State and its citizens can prosper.
Fiscal Responsibility